Welcome to FredWeinberg.com, your key source for exceptional Major Mint Errors. Fred Weinberg & Co. has the world’s largest and most comprehensive selection of United States major mint error coins for purchase. Please feel free to browse our inventory to see if we have what you are looking for, or email us your want list.


If you have a single major mint error coin, either a recent issue or an older type coin, or 1,000 Off-Center Cents, please contact us. We stock over 100,000 Major Mint Error Coins and constantly need to purchase Major Error Coins for our clientele (please note that we do not deal in or buy Die Varieties, Damaged Coins, Doubled Dies, Filled Dies, or Die Cracks). We do buy Major Mint Errors – such as Off-Center, Off-Metals, Double Strikes, Clad Layers missing, Die Caps, Double Denomination, etc.

Because of the many differences in each Error Coin we may request that you send your coin(s) to us for our examination and firm offer. Always email/contact us first before sending coins.

Please check our About Us page for more information on Fred Weinberg & Co.


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